Drone Photogrammetry is Accurate, Safe and Cost Effective for Surveying

Drone photogrammetry is a means of obtaining aerial photos of a difficult-to-measure space in conventional ways. You use software to process images and get exact measurements of the space or objects within.

Drone photogrammetry is when a drone reaches a specific altitude where the drone camera takes many pictures of a zone from that height.

The idea is to gather the required photos to recreate a 2D surface or a 3D model of the zone by overlapping those images.

Benefits. Before camera drones, taking the required photos of a zone of study was ineffective,  inaccurate, pricy, and unsafe.

Companies needed dedicated individuals to move around and find the best spot to capture photos.

This way of gathering data takes lots of time. If any shot isn’t right, the person has to go to the same  location and take the pictures again.

Drones know their location as they work with GNSS, so they can return to that spot and take an identical photo.

On many occasions, the accuracy of images correctly taken using a Photogrammetry system is considerably better than the same images taken from a helicopter, or from an on ground or team of on ground surveyors and is considerably less expensive and quicker for the final results of a survey to be known.. All can be achieved in a matter of hours not days!

However, the aircraft requires the necessary equipment that costs thousands of dollars per hour. Drone rates are much cheaper.

Drone Photogrammetry is now commonly used for some of the following   applications:

  • New sites for house building – and ongoing progress for building operations
  • Surveying for agriculture and proposed solar farms                               
  • Remote inspections for pipelines and other infrastructure                  
  • Tower Inspections     
  • Environmental monitoring                              

Goldeneye has the equipment and licenses to carry out ALL these operations.

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