We provide images taken by a drone and then using software to obtain accurate data down to one centimetre on the ground; plant population, terrain and ecosystem modelling, hydrology, visualisation of raster and vector data etc etc. can all be obtained. With our drone surveys, we can help plant breeders, farmers, growers and researchers evaluate crops in order to help determine where inputs may are necessary; thus producing
greater yields in a more economic way.
Bird's eye view of a bean field.

The two images above show part of the same field of spring beans. The top image was taken on 09.06.2022 and the bottom was taken three weeks earlier. The images show the general plant population of each area. The area was planted in late April.

The two images above show the same area of spring planted beans, but with extra layer provided to see more accurately where the plant population is better and the population is not so good. The red or darker colour shows the least plant population. Each plant population image corresponds with the one to the left.

A crop which has not grown as well in some parts as opposed to others may not be immediately noticeable at ground level whether standing and observing or walking through a crop. However, an agricultural mapping aerial image or a video obtained by flying the drone over the crop will show any discrepancies very clearly.

For Environmental Land Management schemes currently being introduced in the UK by the government for grants, if proof of land usage becomes a requirement, drone photography make ELM inspections, a simple and painless process. 

Around the world, and now more commonly in the UK, the use of an aerial photography drone for surveillance of land, cereal crops, vegetable crops, vineyards, orchards and livestock have become common place.

The technology available aids farmers and growers to maximise their return on investment in their crops with the best possible yields with the optimum of economy. We are working with agronomists who have the knowledge of the best treatments for crops and vegetables Between our expertise in flying the drone to capture the video or image, and the agronomist, we can provide the farmer/grower with a bespoke service for each crop or even an area within a crop, with the aim to maximise profit for the farmer.

We are members of this specialist agricultural technology group.